Special shows at INTERFORST

Special shows at INTERFORST

These were the daily special shows at INTERFORST 2018.

On a large and small scale—using technology to improve safety

Where? Outdoor area FM8

Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture (SVLFG)

  • Harvester safety under the microscope
  • Tools, PPE & more: cutting-edge equipment that delivers
  • The health line: visual, hearing and skin test, back check
  • Live demonstration: winch-assisted felling

From seedling to squared timber—the timber processing chain

Where? Hall B6

Producer Group for Quality Forest Plants “Southern Germany” e.V. (EZG) in cooperation with the Bavarian State Forests AöR (BaySF), Bavarian Office for Forestry Seed and Plant Breeding Teisendorf (ASP, StMELF) and ForstBW

Sustainable forestry starts with seeding and mulching

  • Forest regeneration in times of climate change; climate change and new tree species; growing stock targets, models
  • Cone pickers at work / fir picking; various planting methods and root cutting
  • Forest plant production—plant quality
  • Verifiability of forestry origins according to ZüF (Certification Ring for Verifiable Forestry Origins, Southern Germany)

German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) – Department “Roads, Waters, Forests, Animal Husbandry” in cooperation with the Accident Insurance Fund North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavarian Accident Insurance and the Forestry Training Center FBZ Laubau (BaySF)

Cordless technology for forestry work—the way forward?

  • New equipment technologies for plantations and young forest tending—cordless technology from a work safety perspective
  • Safety awareness! Instruction video clips for safe forest work
  • kommmitmensch: Safe. Healthy. Together.

German Board of Trustees for Forestry and Technology e.V. (KWF)

Opening up and inventory of forests

  • Needs-based opening-up of forests, forest road planning, structure and building, road drainage, assessment of state of roads, maintenance and more.
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS: Drone use in the forest—the future has begun.

Timber harvesting—high-tech in the forest

  • Debarking harvester heads
  • No slippage on the slope—use of traction auxiliary winches

The modern forestry tractor—a multipurpose machine for special tasks

  • A forestry tractor in action, equipped with radio remote control, winch, synthetic ropes and other accessories
  • Low-impact OnTrack forwarder
  • Timber scaling in the forest and factory—from manual to mechanized work

From forest to factory—logging trucks

End products—you can make (almost) anything out of wood

  • Material use of wood
  • Energetic use of wood

Vision of the future—forest work and forestry technologies of tomorrow

  • Several on-going research projects will be presented at a joint pavilion.

Forestry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

  • Where is the digital journey leading? “Digital twins” reflect the reality in Forestry 4.0.
  • The possibility of simulating different scenarios to optimize decisions and the extensive exchange of data among the players in the process chain are two crucial advantages of digitalization.

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